Photo of the Day

photo of the day by emily burke photography

It’s harder than one might think to get these kinds of connections with a baby, toddler, and a mom but Emily Burke Photography makes it look easy. The colors are lovely and the light moving around the toddler and baby create such depth. Fantastic! Visit Emily Burke Photography’s profile on


Want Inspiration for Styled Sessions?

the glow

THE GLOW is such a cool site and shows examples of what photographers + stylists + moms + kids can create when they put their heads together. So much inspiration here!!


Photo of the Day

photo of the day by  jennifer cusimano
Jennifer Cusimano-you are a genius! These soft colors, that gentle expression, and the amazing sink! I know I’m not the only one out there who would do dirty things to get my hands on a sink like that! See more of her in Houston, TX, on her website at, and on our Tickled profile.


Photo of the Day

joyce smith shot of the day
Love this shot by Joyce Smith Photography! Not only are the composition, color, and subjects wonderful, but the expression is priceless! Thanks for being awesome Joyce.


I Don’t Always Take My Own Advice…

mandsay engagement
Any time a parent asks me if she should get her child’s hair cut before a photo session, I tell her, “no”. More often then not, haircuts don’t go well and there isn’t much of a quick fix for “too-short bangs”.

So, what do I do the day before Lindsay and I scheduled to have our photos taken (p.s. we scheduled the session, and took the photos ;) I CUT MY BANGS! I don’t know what, or even IF, I was thinking! I’ve had bangs for quite a while and trim them often-don’t like them in my eyes. And, I never mess them up-they’re bangs, not a perm. So, how in the world did I manage to cut them so short?! It’s the photo session curse of the cut!

I wore sunnies in a couple of our photos and turns out I liked this one the best, so you can’t REALLY tell, but I’ll always giggle now every time I have a client ask about getting a hair cut before the session. Maybe I should take my own advice!


Furry Tid Bit

A friend and I were talking about our local farmer’s market last night when kiwi’s came up. I didn’t know they are a winter fruit and was really excited to buy a bag of them for $3 yesterday under the freeway. We talked about how great kiwi’s are, but peeling them was annoying making it easier to choose an apple or grapes in a pinch. Then he laid it out for me,
“Did you know you can eat the peel?”
“Hu? Come again?”
“Yep, if you can cut off the tough end pieces, and eat the rest.”

And so, I tried it today and…it’s true…and so furry fun!


Re-Design Complete!

Made it through the redesign and are feeling GOOD! It’s been a process, that’s for sure. Have you ever had a great idea? I mean, a really great idea! And as soon as you get it started, you realize it is going to take so. much. longer. that you ever expected? That’s been the experience with Tickled. Don’t get me wrong-it’s been incredible! And getting to work with all these talented photographers is so exciting. I just have a new-found appreciation for anyone starting a business, internet or otherwise. Kudos to all of you out there who make multi-tasking and sleep-deprivation look so easy!