Miami Fl

Photographer: Sam
City: Miami, Florida
Telephone: (305) 984-0069
Online: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter


Sam I Am is one of the most innovative photographers Tickled has seen! Sam captures children in the perfect moments and the feeling you get when you look at her photos makes you remember what it was like to be carefree-to be a kid. Her photos are rich in color, expression and movement and her newborn photos are simple and real. We love Sam I Am.
– Tickled


OMG!!! OK where do I start…Let me start by saying I don’t think I have ever seen such amazing phototos. (And I’m not just saying that because they are of my daughter.) Sam, you truly captured the spirit of my lil Kaylee. WOW…I am speechless…and I am never speechless. Thank you Sooo much, the pictures are priceless. You are not only a friend for life…but my photog of choice. YOU ROCK!!! Love you and your incredible work.
– Vanessa