San Francisco Ca

Photographer: Nancy
City: San Francisco, California
Telephone: (415) 385-6459
Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter


Nancy Alcott is a genius with newborns. Each photo she takes is a work of art and each one is incredible! Her exposures are perfect. Her color is on point. Her ideas and props are modern and fresh. All of this combines to make Nancy Alcott a Tickled favorite with newborns! Her child photography is also wonderful just in case your newborn isn’t a newborn any longer.
— Tickled


Nancy is an incredibly talented photographer who works with you to capture your child’s personality. Her work is modern and clean, yet with a very rich feel. If that makes any sense. No comparison with photos you take on your own – and I consider myself a photo ‘hobbyist’. Well worth it, we hope to book Nancy for more photos down the road.