I Don’t Always Take My Own Advice…

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Any time a parent asks me if she should get her child’s hair cut before a photo session, I tell her, “no”. More often then not, haircuts don’t go well and there isn’t much of a quick fix for “too-short bangs”.

So, what do I do the day before Lindsay and I scheduled to have our photos taken (p.s. we scheduled the session, and took the photos ;) I CUT MY BANGS! I don’t know what, or even IF, I was thinking! I’ve had bangs for quite a while and trim them often-don’t like them in my eyes. And, I never mess them up-they’re bangs, not a perm. So, how in the world did I manage to cut them so short?! It’s the photo session curse of the cut!

I wore sunnies in a couple of our photos and turns out I liked this one the best, so you can’t REALLY tell, but I’ll always giggle now every time I have a client ask about getting a hair cut before the session. Maybe I should take my own advice!

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